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*NOTE: This Lesson Plan Package is included in the Orton Gillingham Basic Language (Level 1) Course. This resource is only for those who have completed OG training elsewhere, but are looking to minimize planning time.

This lesson plan package serves to minimize the planning time for teachers who are already pressed for time. The lesson plans are to be used in conjunction with the Level 1 Scope and Sequence, but can be tweaked where necessary to best meet the individual needs of your student(s).

Included in this Package:

·      Complete lesson plan package

·      Practitioner’s Notebook

·      Student Workbooks

·      Pre-reader resources

·      Initial and progress monitoring assessments

·      Visual aids

·      PowerPoint presentations to supplement each lesson

·      Other helpful lesson planning resources

The information in this Lesson Plan Package serves as a refresher and supplement for those who have already completed a Level 1 Orton Gillingham Course. The information in this package will not replace Orton Gillingham training.


This activity package will cover the basic language miscellaneous spelling rules and syllable patterns that govern the English language. Learning these concepts will open the door to accurate reading (decoding) and spelling (encoding) skills. Those learning the English language need to have the tools in their toolboxes from which to draw in order to be successful with their literacy skills. The content and resources provided during this event will be invaluable tools students will use for a lifetime. They will become more confident with their literacy skills as a result of learning and applying these rules and patterns. The embedded concepts replace guessing with the knowledge of how the English language works.  When students apply that knowledge, they become more fluid and accurate readers and spellers. 

This activity package contains 9 modules including:

    • downloadable resources (nearly 400 pages) covering the basic language spelling rules and syllable patterns for use at home, school, or in virtual tutoring sessions.
    • special tips and instructional videos

NOTE: Immediate access to all content is given after enrollment. Thus, all sales are final.


This package is intended to provide materials that can be used as a supplement to the Orton Gillingham lesson in online tutoring sessions or for review at home. We will have helpful information for parents, teachers, and tutors who are working with students at home or virtually.

Included in this package, you will find: 

  • 9 pre-reader review lessons including traceable cards and handwriting resources
  • 7 basic language review levels, including 15 review lessons in each level: word lists, phrases, passages with comprehension questions, sentences for spelling, and other games/activities for each lesson
  • Assessments to go with each level, to help parents and teachers place students in the appropriate level
  • Information about online tutoring, including interactive games
  • Online tutoring demonstration video

This package is the ideal supplement to our Orton Gillingham Basic Language Lesson Plan Package.

NOTE: Immediate access to all content is given after enrollment. Thus, all sales are final.